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We Recommend 1&1 for Web Hosting

Pricing As Compelling as the Websites We Develop...
Flat-Rate and Rate-Based 
Value Added At No Additional Cost
♦ Beyond social media optimization as Cost Benefit
Flat-Rate and Rate-Based

Minimum of up to 10 pages is a flat-rate of $450 becoming rate-based at $45 per page for each additional page or form (includes business blog).  To drive traffic to a website, we will add social media icons to any page, particularly Facebook "like" or Twitter "share" badges for content promotion, and RSS feed(s).  $200 to take Internet orders or e-commerce.  $100-$200 to monetize website content with Amazon or ClickBank with relevant affiliate products.  $30 a month for updates/maintenance whenever needed up to 2 hours.   All website designs include:

  • Free consultation
  • Free browser favicon 
  • Customized logo 
  • Images and one video
  • Search engine and social media optimization, and RSS feed(s) to your syndicated content.
  • Hosting account setup including hosting account e-mail setup (domain name will be simultaneously registered if not yet obtained by client) 
  • Essential pages being contact us (with location and directions), about us, image gallery/portfolio with pricing, order form for fax or mail-in payment 
  • Website maintenance is an a monthly fee of $30 regardless of degree of editing. Included are: 
    • website content changes and/or additions 
    • further social media optimization
    • additional affiliate products
    • Image or product updates 
    • Hosting issues 
  • Popular social media badges; so visitors can recommend your content quickly driving traffic to the business website.

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Value Added At No Additional Cost
  • Version of the website for mobile device users 
  • Google maps directions tool 
  • Automatically updated search engine sitemap that Google and other search engines will be encouraged to spider 
  • Favicon of business optimizing user's bookmarking of website 

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The Best Cost Benefit

The cost advantage: A professionally designed business website would become half the cost of the average price for website design.

The benefit: A wider range and scope of potential customers is reached with your niche-market business on the Internet, because we know how to encourage search engines to best spider a website for increased page rank and how to get people to disseminate information for you.  Customers can also share your content and automatically get notified of new content by syndicating your articles and blogs .  We're about persistent content and long-term search value!
All designs get reviewed by our clients before they go live or before payment is made.

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